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Roadside assistance: who to call when you need help

Punjab Towing offre a tutti gli automobilisti, 24 ore su 24 per 365 giorni l'anno, sul luogo di fermo, in città, su tutte le strade e autostrade melbourne, il Soccorso stradale che è erogato da Punjab Towing. Il servizio risponde a criteri di pubblica utilità; organizzazione e mezzi del Soccorso stradale sono infatti messi a disposizione delle Forze dell'Ordine e della Protezione Civile in concomitanza di eventi particolari e situazioni di calamità naturali.

When to call

The assistance will reach you easily wherever you are and at any time; it is sufficient that, using your mobile phone, you call Punjab Towing.

What to do after the appropriate spells? You can hope for the unconditional help of someone who, to support you, would put you in a dangerous condition or, much more effectively, call the roadside assistance service, taking advantage of your SOS guarantee, precisely: esseoesse ergo "I need help"..

Professional intervention

Roadside assistance has always been one of our greatest strengths.

Equipped with a well-assorted fleet of tow trucks and semi-trailers for towing and transporting heavy vehicles, we are able to perform light and heavy roadside assistance with immediate interventions and under any circumstances. Our aid office is the fulcrum of all the services provided, with state-of-the-art infrastructures and means of guaranteeing the fastest and most appropriate response to callers, but above all, is animated by capable, qualified and sensitive people requires assistance. Operators know how to act quickly and professionally even in the most delicate situations.

When Towing Assistance occurs

Have you been stranded with the car?
  • Have you punctured a wheel?
  • Do you have a dead battery?
  • Is your engine stuck?

In short: add all the cases that surely will have happened to you and you will find the answer. Roadside assistance is your insurance SOS. As you can see, they are not unique cases or rare cases. If then the car suddenly stops you in the middle of a storm, in the dark, in the second lane and with your children on board on the day of your wedding anniversary and while you wait for the tow truck, two "angels" stop, they help you, accompany you at home and discover that it is also their wedding anniversary, so yes: it is a case more unique than rare. But this is another story: kindness cannot be bought, not even with offers!

Our Happy Clients
For us the customer comes first. If you need help, call Punjab Towing...

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